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David Gubbins Prof David Gubbins

Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences

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Did Physics at Cambridge and a PhD on "Geomagnetic Dynamos", in the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics, Cambridge. His main research interest remains the origin of the Earth's magnetic field and PhD projects are offered this year in both observational and theoretical aspects of geomagnetism. A comprehensive dataset of magnetic observations from the last 400 years has been collected and resides on the computer system in the School; it is still being added to and provides the basis for several research studies. The research emphasis is now moving towards understanding long term behaviour of the magnetic field through dynamo models and interpretation of the paleomagnetic record.

Further interests are in seismology and all aspects of theoretical geophysics, both pure and applied.

Research Interests

  • Geomagnetism
  • theoretical seismology
  • subduction zones
  • inverse theory