School of Earth and Environment

Derek Fairhead Prof Derek Fairhead

Managing Director: GETECH; Emeritus Professor of Applied Geophysics

Telephone number: 0113 322 2200
Room: GETECH Group plc

Affiliation: Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics



Did Joint Honours in Physics and Geology at Durham and an MSc and PhD in Geophysics at Newcastle on the seismicity of Africa and the crustal structure of the East African Rift System based on gravity data. He now heads GETECH (Geophysical Exploration Technology), a division of the University of Leeds Industrial Services Ltd. a wholly University owned company to provide the oil and mineral industries with continental gravity and aeromagnetic database products for enhancing their exploration activities. His main academic interests lie in Applied Geophysics: geological and geophysical controls on sedimentary basin development within and along the margins of the continents; and crust/mantle processes related to: rifting and break-up of continents and the influence that plate tectonics has on continental tectonics. This involves the integration of gravity, magnetic and seismic data.

Research Interests

  • Rifting and basin formation
  • gravity and magnetic compilations and interpretations


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