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Beth Stratford Beth Stratford

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 9.124

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


I am a PhD student interested in the macroeconomic and distributional issues that might arise in a post-growth future. My interest in this subject grew out of my realisation that:

  1. There is an intimate relationship between economic growth and rates of environmental degradation. Imposing limits on resource use and pollution, whilst vital for achieving sustainability, will make it very difficult to continue to achieve high rates of GDP growth.
  2. Our current socio-economic system is dependent on growth for its stability and legitimacy.

Broadly, I am interested in identifying institutional changes that could enable us to achieve 'prosperity without growth'. For my PhD, I am focussing on changes to the UK housing market, and particularly the need to guard against rent extraction and speculation in a resource-constrained (growth-constrained) future.

Before coming to Leeds I worked as a lecturer (at Masaryk Uni, Roehampton Uni and CAT Graduate School); a campaigner for financial reform (initiating/convening the Transforming Finance conference and network in 2013 and the Just Banking conference in 2012; offering guided tours of Canary Wharf); a climate/energy campaigner (for 10:10 Global and Friends of the Earth Scotland); an editor/researcher (on David Fleming's Lean Logic and TEQs report); and a film maker (e.g. Cheat Neutral).


  • BA (Hons) in Social and Political Science (University of Cambridge)
  • MSc in Ecological Economics and Ecosystem Services (University of Edinburgh)
  • Diploma in Social Research Methods (University of Roehampton)

Research Interests

  • Degrowth, Steady State Economics, Prosperity Without Growth - particularly the macroeconomic and political/distributional challenges associated with these projects
  • Land and housing market reform
  • Money and Finance: Minksy's financial instability hypothesis; the debate around monetary reform
  • Values, motivation and behaviour: how these interact and change; the theoretical and empirical work underpinning the Common Cause agenda
  • The debate around the valuation of 'nature'

Support duties

I am teaching assistant on the 'Introduction to Ecological Economics' module (SOEE5094M) for masters students.

Project details

Project title

What macroeconomic problems does the British housing market pose for a resource-constrained low growth economy and how can these problems be overcome?


Dr Dan O'Neill and Professor Gary Dymski


I am funded by the ESRC White Rose DTC.

Start date

1 October 2016


Stratford, B. (2015). Grown Up Economics. In: Neal, L. (ed) Playing for Time. London: Oberon Books

Stratford, B. (2015). Distributional Conflict in a Post Growth Economy. Presentation for the 11th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, Leeds, June 2015

Stratford, B (2014). Ensuring equitable access to energy in the context of a cap. Presentation for the 4th International Conference for Degrowth, Leipzig, September 2014

Stratford, B (2013). "Selling out on our ecosystems". Resurgence & Ecologist. November/December 2013