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Benjamin Mills Dr Benjamin Mills

University Academic Fellow

Email address:
Room: 8.112, Earth and Environment

Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute


I am a biogeochemical modeller with a background in pure mathematics. I build computer models from scratch in order to investigate the processes responsible for long term changes in Earth's surface conditions. I also conduct field and laboratory work to collect data relevant to both present day climate change, and to changes that happened in the deep past.


PhD (2012) University of East Anglia

MMath (2008) University of East Anglia

Previous employment:

2015: Research Assistant, University of Bristol.
2013: Research Fellow, University of Exeter.
2012: Research Assistant, University of East Anglia.

Research Interests

I am interested in the evolution of the current global climate state, the processes that have influnced Earth's climate through time, the links to the evolution of life, and the possibility of habitable conditions existing on other planets.

A key focus is on the variation of atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations over the last 1 billion years of Earth history, and the possible correlations with the development and radiation of plant and animal life. This work involves developing mathematical representations of global tectonic and biological processes, and combining these with geochemical data to test hypotheses about the major drivers of climate evolution.

I am always interested in new collaborations, please get in touch if you would like to work on an idea, join our group as a researcher, or apply for a PhD project.


Currently available funded PhD projects:

  • Impact of plant-microbial symbioses on global biogeochemical cycling and climate through Earth's history. Open on DTP website
  • CASE: How did the first animals and plants change our planet? Open on DTP website


Teaching Interests

I teach on:

SOEE1485: Mathematics for Earth, Environmental and Geographical Scientists

SOEE3110: Earth System Science: BIogeochemical Cycles

Academic CV (pdf file)