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Andrew Ross Dr Andrew Ross

Associate Professor of Dynamic Meteorology

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 37590
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Room: FH 2.11

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

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Andrew Ross joined the School in October 2000 as a UWERN (later NCAS Weather) Research Fellow in "Orographic flows". Since 2005 Andrew has been a Lecturer, then Associate Professor in Dynamical Meteorology in the School. He has broad research interests in boundary layer and mountain meteorology.

Before coming to Leeds Andrew took an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. He undertook his PhD with Paul Linden and Stuart Dalziel in the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in DAMTP. His thesis, entitled 'Gravity Currents on Slopes', looks at the effect of slope and wind on a gravity current.


MMath Mathematics, University of Cambridge (1993-1997)

PhD Applied Mathematics, University of Cambridge (1997-2000)


Member of the Royal Meteorological Society

Member of the American Meteorological Society

Research Interests

Andrew's current research interests are in boundary layer and mesoscale meteorology, particularly interactions between the atmosphere and orography (hills and mountains). Particular interests include boundary layer flows over hills, boundary layer - forest canopy interactions, convection over orography, cold air pooling and fog formation in valleys, gravity currents and cold pools and tropical cyclones. Andrew is a lead member of the dynamics and clouds research group. Andrew is also involved in a number of interdisciplinary projects, working with glaciologists on glacier - atmosphere interaction and with biologists on bird flight paths.

His research involves a mixture of field and lab experiments, theory and numerical modelling. In addition to working with other members of ICAS he collaborates with a number of external groups including colleagues at the Met Office, Forest Research, British Antarctic Survey, University of Swansea and CSIRO.

Current PhD positions available are advertised here.

Andrew is currently an Associate Editor of the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

He is also acting co-director of the EPSRC CDT in Fluid Dynamics.

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Teaching Interests

Andrew is currently admissions tutor for the undergraduate degrees in Environmental Science and Meteorology and Climate Science, and is a former programme manager for the Meteorology and Climate Science degree.

Currently Andrew teaches on a range of meteorology modules including:

  • SOEE1400 Introduction to Meteorology and Weather Forecasting
  • SOEE2092 Meteorology
  • SOEE2700 Environmental Research and Careers Skills (Blencathra field trip)
  • SOEE3291 Atmospheric Science Field Skills (Arran field trip)
  • SOEE3151 Dynamics of Weather Systems

Andrew has also taught on a number of courses including:

  • SOEE1442 Environmental Science / Meteorology and Climate Science tutorials
  • SOEE1540 Physics for Environmental Sciences
  • SOEE2210 / SOEE5835M Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics
  • SOEE3700 / SOEE5685M Practical Weather Forecasting