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Annette Miltenberger Dr Annette Miltenberger

Research Fellow

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Room: 10.115

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


Annette Miltenberger recently completed her PhD at ETH Zurich with Heini Wernli and Hanna Joos. In her thesis she developed a novel module for the regional numerical weather model COSMO, which allows to calculate trajectories at a very high temporal resolution during the model integration. The Lagrangian perspective was then utilized to better understand the precipitation formation in stable orographic clouds and to investigate the non-dimensional numbers governing their precipitation efficiency. The high temporally resolved trajectories proved additionally very beneficial in case studies of foehn flow over the Swiss Alps, which revisited the question of foehn air warming. Besides Annette was involved in study on cirrus cloud formation in collaboration with Erika Kienast, Luo Beiping and Thomas Peter.

Currently Annette is working as research fellow in the Aerosol and Cloud Group lead by Paul Field at ICAS, where she will investigate the interaction of cloud microphysical and dynamical processes in ice-phase clouds.


2009 BSc ETH in Earth Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2011 MSc ETH in Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich, Switzer1and

2011 - 2014 PhD studies in the Atmospheric Dynamics Group at IAC ETH Zurich, thesis title: Lagrangian Perspective on Dynamic and Microphysical Processes in Orographically Forced Flows

Research Interests

  • Cirrus cloud formation: role of small-scale temperature fluctuations; large-scale dynamic forcing; transport, origin and processing of ice nuclei and moisture
  • Interaction of dynamical and microphysical processes in cloud systems and a formalized descripition and characterization of precipitation formation
  • Lagrangian perspective on atmospheric phenomena (online-trajectories)
  • Orographic flows and precipitation, especially Alpine foehn flow and foehn air warming