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Amanda Maycock Dr Amanda Maycock

NERC Independent Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Climate Dynamics.

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 39793
Email address:
Room: 9.113

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science



I am a NERC Independent Research Fellow and Associate Professor in the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science (ICAS) at the University of Leeds. Prior to this I was an AXA Postdoctoral Fellow and Junior Research Fellow in the Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Cambridge.

My research employs state-of-the-art numerical models to study processes that affect climate variability and change on timescales of months to centuries. I am particularly interested in the role of stratospheric processes in surface weather and climate. My research encompasses atmospheric chemistry, radiation, and climate dynamics, and the interactions between them.

I co-chair the WCRP/SPARC Activity on Atmospheric Temperature Changes and their Drivers. I am also part of the AerChemMIP steering group as part of CMIP6, the WCRP/SPARC SOLARIS-HEPPA activity on solar influences on climate, and the US CLIVAR Working Group on the Changing Width of the Tropical Belt.


  • PhD, Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate, 'The impact of changes in stratospheric water vapour on climate', 2012, University of Reading.
  • MSc, Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate (Distinction), 2008, University of Reading.
  • MPhys, Physics with Astrophysics (Class I), 2006, University of Manchester.


Independent Research Fellowships

  • CIRES Visiting Fellowship, 2016, NOAA, Boulder.
  • NERC Independent Research Fellow, 2015-20, University of Leeds.
  • University Academic Fellow, 2015-17, University of Leeds.
  • Junior Research Fellow, 2013-15, St Catharine's College, Cambridge.
  • AXA Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-15, University of Cambridge.

Research groups


Professional bodies

  • Associate Fellow of Royal Meteorological Society
  • Member of European Geophysical Union

Research Interests

  • Composition-climate coupling
  • Stratosphere-troposphere interactions
  • Radiative transfer
  • Climate dynamics

Current projects

  • Understanding Composition-Climate Feedbacks in the Earth System (PI, 2015-20, NERC)
  • SMURPHS (Co-I, 2016-2021, NERC)
  • Joint iCASP and UKCP18 demonstrator project (Co-I, 2017, NERC)

Current Research Group

PhD students

  • Jake Smith (CASE with Met Office), Processes determining stratospheric water vapour in climate models, Cambridge, (2015-)
  • Andreas Chrysanthou, How will climate change affect the stratospheric circulation?, Leeds, (2016-)
  • Tom Wood, Novel climate feedbacks in the Earth System, Leeds, (2017-)
  • James Norman (CASE with WEMC), Developing actionable seasonal climate information for the wind and solar industry, Leeds, (2017-)
  • Will Dow (CASE with Met Office), Atmospheric forcing of decadal climate variability, Leeds, to commence Oct 2018

Masters students

  • Paloma Trascasa Castro, European climate response to the El Nino Southern Oscillation, Leeds, (2017-)
  • David Feitschinger (joint with Ben Rabb), Application of UKCP18 to assess future drought risk in Yorkshire, Leeds, (2018-)

Undergraduate students

  • Ella Wingard, Climate fingerprints of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation, Leeds, 2018

Past group members

  • Rohan Patel, BSc Leeds, 2018
  • Scott Yiu, PhD Cambridge, 2018
  • Michelle McCrystall, PhD Cambridge, 2017 (now post-doc at Exeter Uni)
  • Tom Bartle, MRes Leeds, 2016-17 (now at Met Office)
  • Gibbon Masukwedza, MRes Leeds, 2015-16 (now at Zimbabwe Met Service)
  • Tom Claxton, BA Cambridge, 2014 (now PhD student at Lancaster Uni)
  • Grainne McGread, BA Cambridge, 2013 (now at Bank of England)
  • Owain Rutherford, NERC REP student Leeds, 2017 (at St Andrews Uni)
  • Alice Drinkwater, REP student Leeds, 2016 (at Leeds Uni)
  • Digory Smith, BA Cambridge, 2014 (now Content Scientist at Sparx)

Teaching Interests

I currently teach on the following modules:

  • SOEE1433 Water in the Environment (module leader)
  • SOEE1280 The Atmosphere of Planet Earth
  • SOEE2700 Environmental Research and Career Skills
  • SOEE3030 Environmental Research Project
  • SOEE3710 Frontiers in Environmental Research
  • SOEE5020 Research Project
  • SOEE5961 MRes Research Project

Project details

Project title

For latest information about NERC funded PhDs through the Leeds-York DTP see here.


In review

  • Maycock, A. C., A. Drinkwater, L. J. Gregoire, A. Lacour, Anthropogenic contribution to the intense warming over Greenland in July 2012, in revision.
  • Bednarz, E. M., A. C. Maycock, P. J. Telford, P. Braesicke, N. L. Abraham and J. A. Pyle, Simulating the atmospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle forcing with the UM-UKCA model: the role of detection method and natural variability, Atmos. Chem Phys Discussions, submitted 02/18.
  • Bednarz, E. M., A. C. Maycock, P. Braesicke, P. J. Telford, N. L. Abraham and J. A. Pyle, Separating the role of direct radiative heating and photolysis in modulating the atmospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle forcing, submitted to Atmos. Chem. Phys. Disc., 03/18
  • Grise, K. M., S. M. Davis, I. R. Simpson, D. W. Waugh, Q. Fu, R. J. Allen, K. H. Rosenlof, C. C. Ummenhofer, K. B. Karnauskas, A. C. Maycock, X.-W. Quan, T. Birner, P. W. Staten, Recent Tropical Expansion: Natural Variability or Forced Response?, J. Climate, submitted 07/18
  • Bader, J., Jungclaus, J., Krivova, N., Lorenz, S., Maycock, A., Raddatz, T., Schmidt, H., Toohey, M., Wu, C-J, Claussen, M., Global temperature modes shed light on the Holocene temperature conundrum, submitted 09/18

In preparation

  • Bednarz, E. M., A. C. Maycock, P. Braesicke, P. J. Telford, N. L. Abraham and J. A. Pyle, The role of solar-ozone feedback in modulating the atmospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle, Atmos. Chem Phys Discussions.
  • Yiu, Y. Y. S. and A. C. Maycock, The seasonality of El Nino Southern Oscillation teleconnection to the Amundsen sea region, J. Climate.
  • Chrysanthou, A., A. C. Maycock, M. P. Chipperfield + CCMI modellers, The effect of atmospheric nudging on the stratospheric residual circulation, Atmos. Chem. Phys.
  • Richardson T. B., Forster P. M., Smith C. J., Maycock A., Wood T., + PDRMIP modellers, Efficacy of climate forcings in PDRMIP models.
  • Trascasa Castro, P., A. C. Maycock et al., Euro-Atlantic response to different amplitude ENSO forcing, J. Climate.

Book chapters

  • Maycock, A. C. and S. Misios, "Top-down vs bottom-up pathways for solar-climate coupling" in Earth's climate response to a changing Sun, Eds: Lilensten, Dudok de Wit and Matthes, Pub: EDP Sciences, 2015.
  • Butler, A., A. Charlton-Perez, D. I. V. Domeisen, C. Garfinkel, P. Hitchcock, A. Karpechko, A. C. Maycock, M. Sigmond, I. Simpson, S.-W. Son. "Sub-seasonal predictability and the Stratosphere" chapter in S2S: Sub-seasonal to seasonal prediction, 2018.