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Andy Emery Andy Emery

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: G19 28 University Road
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Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience


PhD researcher in the effect of sea-level rise on marine transgression and coastal processes. See below for a brief description of my PhD!

A member of the Stratigraphy Group and Leeds Quaternary.

Contact me via the email above, find me in room SCR 8.07 or catch me on Twitter as @AndyDoggerBank.


  • BSc, Geological Sciences, University of Leeds
  • MSc, Structural Geology with Geophysics, University of Leeds


Quaternary Research Association

British Society for Geomorphology

Fellow of the Geological Society, London

Project details

Project title

Postglacial landscape evolution of Dogger Bank, North Sea


Professor Dave Hodgson, Dr Natasha Barlow, Dr Jonathan Carrivick


My project is kindly funded by the Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarships.

Start date

1 October 2016

Project outline

In order to inform planning and mitigation strategies related to future rapid sea-level rise, a detailed understanding of coastal geomorphological and sedimentary environment process response to marine transgression is needed. Dogger Bank, in the Southern North Sea, provides an excellent analogue for this study as the area experienced marine transgression during the Holocene due to rapid postglacial relative sea-level (RSL) rise.

Understanding rates of RSL change is vital to constrain timing of marine transgression. RSL change at Dogger Bank is poorly understood due to the difficulty of obtaining samples offshore and limitations of knowledge of the extent of ice sheets during the last glacial maximum (LGM). My project therefore aims to develop new RSL records from the LGM to present day and constrain the stratigraphic and sedimentary evolution of Dogger Bank. The available dataset is 2000 km2 of dense 2D seismic lines and 50 vibrocore and CPTs acquired for windfarm site investigation. Using the vibrocore sedimentary facies, linked to seismic mapping and constrained by RSL records, I aim to develop 3D maps of the distribution of depositional environments, enabling the study of coastal environment evolution during marine transgression.