School of Earth and Environment

What's that on the roof?

30.04.2012 - 14:41

Over the weekend of the 28th and 29th of April 2012 there were 130 HOBOs on the roof of the Earth and Environment building at the University of Leeds. This type of HOBO is not a wandering tramp, but a miniature data logger that records temperature and relative humidity.
The instruments are part of the MicroClimates project - find out more about this project on the project pages -
The HOBOs were on the roof so that they can be calibrated, this will mean that the scientists know that they all read the same temperature - if they don't then they can correct for this in each individual HOBO.
The next journey for the HOBOs is up to the field site in Scotland where they will be deployed for the summer to measure temperature.
This video shows the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (led by Dr Susan Lee) putting the HOBO's on the roof.  Watch the video at