School of Earth and Environment


Conference poster

Rebecca Howard, Joanes Atela and Stavros Afionis from the School of Earth and Environment's Sustainability Research Institute recently attended the Green Economy in the South conference that took place in July 2014 in Dodoma,...[more]

Prof Jane Francis

On July 17th 2014 Professor Jane Francis will receive an honorary degree from University of Leeds. Until recently Professor Jane Francis was the Dean of the Faculty of Environment at the University of Leeds, and is now the...[more]

The 60m-long Skyship 600 used in Operation Cloud Lab. Image credit: Dr Jim McQuaid

SEE’s Jim McQuaid is among the scientists who took to the skies in the world’s largest airship for one of the most ambitious atmospheric experiments on television.   In a new two-part show for BBC Two, ‘Operation...[more]

Sustainability awards

'The School has had another very successful year at the University of Leeds, Sustainability and Green Impact Awards Ceremony 2014. Teams and individuals from across the school achieved recognition of their sustainability and...[more]

Satellite. Copyright ESA/ATG medialab

Using satellites to study the effects of climate change was the topic of the European Space Agency (ESA) event Monitoring Climate Change from Space, held at the Royal Society in London on June 13th. Professor Andy Shepherd...[more]

Faculty members amongst world's most highly cited

Ken Carslaw, Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, Oliver Phillips, Professor in the School of Geography, and Simon Lewis, Reader in Global Change Science in the...[more]

Hurricane from space, taken by Nasa

Alan Blyth, Professor of Atmospheric Science in ICAS and Director of NCAS-Weather, has been appointed affiliate scientist at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, one of the world’s leading scientific...[more]

Lindsay Stringer at a mining site in Zambia

One of the sustainable development goals of Rio+ 20 is to have a land-degradation neutral world. This is a goal of Zero Net Land Degradation which means that we prevent the degradation of productive land and restore land that is...[more]

Research co-authored by Andrea Taylor of the School of Earth & Environment in the Sustainability Research Institute as part of  the Prepare Programme, sponsored by DEFRA, established that UK residents believe that...[more]

Stefanie Lutz (centre) and Professor Liane G. Benning (left) collecting a biofilm sample on the Mittivakkat Glacier in Greenland.

The first ecological study of an entire glacier has found that microbes drastically reduce surface reflectivity and therefore have an impact on the amount of sunlight that is reflected into space. The research, led by the...[more]