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Selective environmental stress from sulphur emitted by continental flood basalt eruptions The role volcanic activity played in mass extinction events in the Earth’s early history is likely to have been much less severe than...[more]

On 2nd-3rd of November the UKCCSRC specialist meeting “Geophysical Modelling for CO2 storage, monitoring and appraisal” was held at the University and organized by Tom Lynch, Lisa Roach and Claire Birnie.  The meeting...[more]

On 26th October the International Ocean Discovery Project (IODP) expedition 357 set sail to the mid Atlantic aiming to further investigate serpentinisation processes taking place at the Atlantis Massif. IGT member Andrew McCaig...[more]

Researchers report that increased deforestation could diminish Amazon basin rainfall

The study led by Dr Dominick Spracklen and Dr Luis Garcia-Carreras suggests that the decline in rainfall could impact the region's climate, ecosystems and economies.[more]

Simon Oldfield, a PhD student in our Basins Structure Group has won an AAPG Award of Excellence for a “Top Ten” Poster Presentation at the recent AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, which was held in Denver in June 2015. The...[more]

On the 3rd November Dr Dimitri Bevc from Chevron provided a lecture on the challenges, opportunities and impact of full-waveform inversion. The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) supports this lecture series which...[more]

Dr Adam Booth is currently in the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera station, on the Antarctic Peninsula, awaiting transport to the Larsen C ice shelf.  Adam joins the Swansea and Aberystwyth University MIDAS project,...[more]

A new Memorandum of Understanding setting out the basis for Academic and Research Co-operation in the field of Weather and Climate between Met Office and The University of Leeds was signed on Wednesday 28 October by Sir Alan...[more]

The Merit Awards recognise respected scientists of outstanding research achievement and potential.[more]

Over the last 50 years Scotland has seen a significant change in climate – to warmer and wetter weather with more extreme weather events. This poses significant risks to our infrastructure. Yet, we do not have a clear strategy...[more]