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The results of the national Research Excellence Framework exercise have now been published and we are delighted to announce that the School of Earth and Environment has been ranked 5th out of 44 departments in the UK for overall...[more]

Prestigious AGU awards for SEE Professors

Two of our Professors are to receive prestigious awards at the 2014 AGU Fall meeting. Professor Ken Carslaw will be presented with the 2014 Ascent Award and Professor Tim Wright will be awarded the AGU Geodesy Section Award 2014....[more]

The Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) is strongly represented at the 2014 AGU Fall meeting. [more]

The Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics is strongly represented at the 2014 AGU Fall meeting, with a large number of our researchers delivering presentations, running scientific sessions and showing posters of their research...[more]

New research into an Icelandic eruption has shed light on how the Earth’s crust forms, according to a paper published today in Nature. When the Bárđarbunga volcano, which is buried beneath Iceland’s Vatnajökull ice cap,...[more]

Supraglacial lakes on the Greenland ice sheet can be seen as dark blue specks in the centre and to the right of this satellite image.

Predictions of Greenland ice loss and its impact on rising sea levels may have been greatly underestimated, according to scientists at the University of Leeds.   The finding follows a new study, which is published today in...[more]

Dr Nigel Mountney, in the field, in Utah

At the International Sedimentological Congress, held in Geneva in August, Dr Nigel Mountney formally took over as Chief Editor for the journal Sedimentology, a role he will share with Dr Tracy Frank, University of Lincoln,...[more]

Lecturer in Sustainable Business and Stakeholder Engagement and Lecturer / Associate Professor in Business and Sustainable Change[more]

Toby Pickard

On Thursday 30th October the University of Leeds, with IGD and M&S, co-hosted "Feeding the Future: How you can make a difference", an event to raise awareness of food sustainability. Keynote speakers from each of...[more]

Hong Kong By Night - 2009, Andy Gouldson, Hong Kong

Cities could make a significant contribution to cutting greenhouse gas emissions at zero net cost, according to a report published by the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) at the University of Leeds and...[more]