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Richard Clark, Cementation Foundations Skanska

MSc Engineering Geology

"Overall I would recommend the course as it has provided me with an excellent theoretical and practical background which I am now building on with experience in my employment. It also introduced me to a number of friends in the same industry who I remain in close contact with."

Ali Zidane

ALi Zidane

MSc Engineering Geology 2009-2010

I am currently working in a Geotechnical company located in Beirut-Lebanon. my work is a combination of field work and office work. I am working as a Geotechnical engineer. my site responsibilities are to supervise core drilling (rotary drilling), on site logging, taking pictures, perform in-situ testing including pressure meter test and permeability tests, taking soil and rock samples for laboratory testing and daily reporting.

My office responsibilities are to write geotechnical reports including the calculation of bearing capacity and settlement. also, i use a computer software called "gINT" to output logs and soil profiles. I am the supervisor of a team composed of 4 geologists. My MSc in Engineering Geology provided me with a lot of information which helped me on my every day tasks and allowed me to enroll in my job without facing any technical difficulties.

ALi Zidane

Neal Gunn

Neal Gunn

MSc Engineering Geology 2008-2010

I really enjoyed the MSc. in Engineering Geology. It built on what I had touched upon in my undergraduate course and broadened my understanding of the world I was working/wanted to work. It covers a good range of subjects from fundamental things like soil and rock mechanics to more recent developments in the subject, such as changing approaches to slope stability and climate change. Also it has a global approach to the subject, which is good rather than being focused on UK aspects. The course has greatly improved my employment prospects, I increased my knowledge and skills and was able to do more at work. Off the back of my MSc. in Engineering Geology I have got a new job in Australia with a leading geotechnical engineering consultancy.

The dissertation is an opportunity for you to focus on an area of personal interest and really go in to detail and use all the knowledge learnt during the course to develop an idea. I really enjoyed spending time on my project and assessing the reasons for slope instability and the implications of these. Upon completion your dissertation gives you something to talk to other professionals about or even present or take with you to interviews.

Lucy Griffith

Lucy Griffith

MSc Engineering Geology 2008-2009

I work for an offshore survey company called Gardline Geosciences in the geotechnical department. My contract is split so that I spend some of my time in the office and some time offshore on one of our survey vessels. My department carries out in-situ geotechnical testing in the form of CPTu's (Cone Penetration Testing) and coring. I really enjoying being offshore, you build fantastic relationships with the people you are working/living with, the work is hard, physically and in terms of responsibility and processing but there is a great sense of achievement. After time spent collecting data offshore I will return to the office to write up the technical report. If cores/soil samples were taken this could involving helping out in the lab, logging and lab testing, or it may involving deriving design parameter from CPTu results. While writing reports in the office I am expected to liaise with a wide range of people from clients to other departments, such as geophysics or survey, to offshore personnel.

My MSc in Engineering Geology has given me a good and relevant knowledge base for the role, in particular the modules in soil mechanics and site investigation. I have drawn on specific aspects of the course frequently for example when working out the stress history of soil or when analysing and checking laboratory results. The offshore industry is an excellent career choice for engineering geology graduates, the industry is growing and expanding to encompass renewable energy sources as well as traditional oil and gas services and I would recommend it to anyone undertaking the MSc.

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