Scaled Solutions Ltd.

Scaled Solutions Ltd is an independent laboratory-based testing company, established in 1999 to service the Oil and Gas Production Industry. The company employs 26 chemists and engineers specialised in Flow Assurance and Formation Damage issues with particular emphasis on scale and corrosion control and near wellbore treatments, in addition to reservoir simulation and modelling studies. The company has conducted over 600 projects for multinational oil and gas companies, their service providers and chemical manufacturers. These include field specific chemical selection/optimisation including chemical treatments for inorganic and organic scales, corrosion and emulsions, formation damage and chemical squeeze optimisation, core flood analysis and R&D. Since 2000, SSL has prepared 85 papers all of which in the public domain and presented at industry conferences. This serves as testament to the high quality and often cutting edge nature of the work performed in the SSL laboratories as well as the high regard placed on the work and results by our client base.


Responsible for training and research related to scaling in oil production and the optimization of inhibitor compositions; coordination of network wide research-specific and complimentary training events.

Key Competences and Facilities:

State-of-the-art laboratories for research and development into mineral scale inhibition, including unique equipment built-in house (Dynamic 'tube blocking' rigs, Core flood rigs, and Naphthenate/emulsion testing rigs), and including, but not limited to, ICP, AA, HPLC, Autoclaves, Corrosion equipment (bubble cells, RCE, autoclaves), ESEM/EDAX and Microscopes (to support corrosion testing).

Key Persons

Dr. Gorgon Graham, Team Leader

Managing director.

Dr. Rob Wright

Senior Technical Consultant and link to the oil industry.

Dr. Helen Williams

Principal Chemist and operations manager; will be prime supervisor of ESR.

Dr. Caroline Simpson

Chemist and Leader of Performance Testing team.

Previous Training Programs and Research:

The SSL team has not been involved in EU projects before but via other collaborative programmes trained 2 Postdoctoral Fellows and 3 PhD Students on secondments from universities through collaborative projects in the last 5 years.