School of Earth and Environment

UK Air Pollution and the Challenges Ahead with Dr Paul Manktelow

22.03.2017 - 19:00

Wednesday 22nd March at 7pm, SEE seminar rooms, University of Leeds

Outdoor air pollution is estimated to be linked to 40,000 early deaths per year in the UK, and could cost the UK economy in excess of £50bn per year.

Paul will talk about air quality in the UK, how it’s controlled and how the government has recently lost two High Court cases over its failure to meet air quality targets.

The government's air quality action plan developed in response to the High Court rulings will also be discussed, including the proposed Clean Air Zone in Leeds, and what this might mean for the city.  Paul will also talk about how air quality is considered in planning decisions such as the recent plan to expand Heathrow.

Join us at 6pm for refreshments!