CO2 react fellows understand the need to communicate their research to the general public. As such, they have created a fellow run blog open to the general public which can be consulted here:


Fellows also engage in other outreach activities which can be viewed below. This table will be updated regularly.

Outreach activities by CO2 react fellows

Alvaro Sainz Garcia, Amphos 21

Fulvio di Lorenzo, University of Oviedo

  • Talk at Liceo Scientifico Orsini (Ascoli Piceno, Italy) about career management and presentation to students about CO2 react and the potential of an ITN experience
  • Blog post on CO2 react blog entitled: Science at 360º. This short article, through an anecdote, tells my impressions collected during the three months that I spent in Münster during my secondment.

Sandy Boehnert, Maersk Oil and Gas

Ana Hernandez, West Systems

  • Post on CO2 react blog with Alvaro Sainz Garcia from Amphos 21:https://co2reactblog.wordpress.com
  • High school presentation on 27/02/15 at Valle del Saja High school in Santander Spain to encourage young people to pursue careers in science
  • Post on blog created by Valle del Saja High School website: http://www.fqsaja.com/?p=8682
  • Post in the West-Group blog for March explaining the main ussues of my research in the CO2 react project
  • Post on CO2 react blog about how to use the flux meter to measure diffuse CO2 fluxes from soils: https://co2reactblog.wordpress.com

Deirdre Clark, University of Iceland

  • Set up CO2 react blog: https://co2reactblog.wordpress.com
  • In charge of social media - twitter, instagram, facebook during ICC conference in August 2014 in Reykjavik
  • Helping with field sampling class for young students
  • Updating fellow run blog and maintaining network twitter account
  • EAG Blog Team during Goldschmidt Conference
  • Presentation of Masters and PhD research to Univeristy of Iceland geology students
  • Presentation of PhD research to Liane Benning's research group at Leeds
  • Participation in food commercial in Iceland using earth scientists from Uni Iceland

Martin Voigt, CNRS Toulouse

Pilar Ramirez Garcia


  • Participation in Leeds Science Festival. I went with four other PhD students from University of Leeds to the Gildersome Primary School where we presented microfossils and trace fossils to the children. The aim of the festival is to encourage young children to pursue careers in science.


Arash Moaddel Haghighi


Reza Gooya