Industry Partners

CO2-REACT links leading European university and private sector laboratories and scientists and engineers currently working on the fundamental science and practical application of geological CO2 storage, from the atomic to the industrial scale. Academia-industry collaboration is critical to successful resolution of the CO2 storage challenge. Academia has the fundamental background and tools to quantify mineral-fluid reactions. Industry has the know-how and long experience with solving practical problems, as well as the resources and infrastructure for large scale tests of potential solutions.

Full industry Partners

Luigi MariniProf. Luigi Marini

West Systems

Alexander PischDr. Alexander Pisch

Lafarge Research and Innovation

Edda Sif AradottirDr. Edda Sif Aradottir

Reykjavik Energy

Niels LindeloffDr. Niels Lindeloff

Maersk Oil and Gas A/S

Jordi BrunoDr. Jordi Bruno

Amphos 21

Associated Industry Partner

Antonio CorreraDr. Antonio Claudio Correra

PetroBras E&P