Deirdre Clark

Deirdre Clark

Research Interests:

My research interests include aquatic geochemistry and hydrology.

At the University of Iceland, I will assess whether CO2 injection cause toxic metal plumes. The research will involve running laboratory experiments, analytical work on liquids and solids, geochemical modelling (PHREEQC), and sampling of CO2 rich fluids at the CO2 injection site.

I have obtained bachelor's degrees in Geological Science and Environmental Studies. My master's degree focused on the principles and applications of hydrology and the geochemistry of sediments and water. For my thesis, I investigated the effect of mining on the sediment geochemistry of a river in British Columbia. The research included fieldwork in a remote area of interior British Columbia and geochemical analyses of heavy metals (e.g. arsenic, selenium). I also interned at a Dutch water research institute, Deltares, assisting a hydrogeochemist studying phosphorus retention at the surface-groundwater interface in Dutch agricultural landscapes. This involved groundwater sampling, setting up and running batch reactor experiments, spectrophotometric analyses and basic computer modelling using PHREEQC.

Curriculum vitae


D.E. Clark, 1. Gunnarsson, E.S. Arad6ttir, E. Gunnlaugsson, B.M. Julfusson, J.M. Matter, M. Stute, E.H. Oelkers, S.O. Snrebjôrnsd6ttir, S.R. Gislason
Monitoring ofC02/H2S gas mixture injection in basaltic rocks at Hellisheiôi Geothermal Power Plant, lceland
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2016. /abs/2016EGUGA..l814713C

D.E. Clark, I. Gunnarsson, E.S. Aradottir, E .Gunnlaugsson, B.M. Juliusson, J.M. Matter, M. Stute, E.H. Oelkers, S.O. Snaebjornsdottir and S.R. Gislason
The Carbfix-Sulfix Project: Mineral storage of CO2-H2S gas mixtures in basaltic rocks

D. Clark, I. Galeczka, S.R.Gislason
Experimental studies of CO2-water-basalt interactions with a high pressure column flow reactor
International Carbon Conference 2014