School of Earth and Environment


Through partnership with industry, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations we seek to apply our research and demonstrate a positive impact on operations.  We are interested in developing long-term collaborative projects of mutual benefit.  There are a range of partnership mechanisms available to suit the requirements of our partner organisations.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships provide an opportunity for the development of large-scale collaborative research projects and knowledge transfer through long-term commitment from both researchers and the partner organisation.  Partner benefits include:

  • Framework agreements for joint research.  This allows for streamlining of the approval process saving both time and money.
  • Preferred partner status.  If your company uses the School as your primary research resource, you will given first refusal to fund research ideas relating to your business. 
  • Knowledge sharing agreements.  These allow us to share information more freely which in turn promotes joint tendering and team working.

Our current partners include; ARUP, Met Office and Willis Research Network.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships we can offer targeted research projects focusing on your business challenges.  Projects run for 2 to 3 years and are an opportunity to access the specialist knowledge and expertise available in the School of Earth and Environment.  KTP positions allow joint recruitment of a recent graduate or postgraduate to work in your business to solve your problem.

We currently have a major KTP with Asda (part of Walmart) in the area of sustainable business and corporate social responsibility. We are always happy to discuss further KTPs in this area, see BOSS or contact Dr William Young.

Joint Industry Projects

We have a proven track record delivering petroleum industry-focused research.  Our Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) exploit our research and knowledge transfer expertise and utilise the specialist facilities available in our research laboratories.  We are happy to speak to potential new sponsors on any of our existing projects:

  • Basin Structure Group (BSG)
  • Fluvial and Eolian Research Group (FRG-ERG)
  • Shallow Marine Research Group (SMRG)
  • Turbidites Research Group (TRG)
  • Fault Rock Petrophysics
  • Petrophysics of Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs (PETGAS)
  • Shale Permeability (SHAPE)

More information is available on the CiPEG website or contact Dr Rachael Spraggs.

We also engage in wide ranging water research and innovation supported by some 150 water experts and world class facilities such as the Sorby Environmental Dynamics laboratory. water@leeds has strong links with the water industry. These partnerships take many forms, from the sponsorship of research projects and students, to collaborative research and development, provision of training/expertise, knowledge transfer, recruitment and joint innovation. With industrial partnerships, water@leeds seeks to turn expertise into a product, helping our partners to become market leaders while demonstrating our versatility and strengths as research innovators.

While frequently collaborating with industry on large research calls, water@leeds can partner industry across a range of different scales. We have a small but dedicated team who can help develop your ideas in conjunction with all our water@leeds staff.

If you are interested in being involved with water@leeds through an industrial partnership, please contact the water@leeds Director of Industrial Research, Dr Martin Tillotson, to discuss further.

CASE PhD Studentships

The Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) studentship scheme aims to promote collaborations between Higher Education Institutions and public or private sector organisations. Each studentship creates a framework for embedding a focused research project into the science programme of the partner organisation.  Research councils provide the bulk of the funding with the partner organisation offering a stipend top-up and input to the research.

Recent CASE studentships have been offered with AMEC Environmental, ARUP, Asymptote Ltd, AWE Blacknest (MoD), BAS, British Geological Survey (BGS), BP, CEH Wallingford, Chevron, GNS (New Zealand), GTech, ICTP (Italy), Met Office, NHM, NMS, NNL, Shell, Speedo, Statoil, USGS and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.

General enquiries about strategic partnerships, knowledge transfer partnerships, joint industry projects or CASE studentships are welcome at any time: enquiries(at)