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BET is a non-destructive technique for measuring surface area. BET (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller) calculates the specific surface area of a sample. Results presented as m2/g.

BET instrument in Cohen (SEE)
BET instrument in Cohen (SEE)

What we offer

We can run prepared samples and provide results or train a new user to analyse their own samples.


Can be used for crushed minerals, powders and fibres as well as other applications. Solid samples.

Sample Considerations and Preparations

For solid samples that can fit in the tube.

Samples should be dried and degassed before measurement. The BET has a degassing module attached which can help achieve this. You will need 0.5-2g – more sample for larger particle size:

  • For surface area 5 m2/g you need 2-3 g
  • For surface area 10 m2/g you need 2-3 g
  • For surface area 30 m2/g you need 0.5-1 g
  • For surface are 60 m2/g you need 0.25-0.5 g

 You can generally run 5-6 samples per day.

Samples below 1 m2/g can be measured using the glass bead.

Equipment specification

We have a Micromeritics Gemini VII 2390a BET which can provide single- and multipoint surface area and pore size measurements.

Surface areas from 0.01m2/g specific surface area and from 0.1m2 total surface area can be measured. We have the facilities to use other gases if required.

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Andy Connelly

Fiona Keay



Written by Fiona Keay (11/6/2018)