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Andrea making adjustments to the AA3.
Andrea making adjustments to the AA3.

In the Cohen laboratories we have both and AA2 and a brand new AA3. The AA3 is capable of simultaneous analysis of phosphate and the nitrogen species, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia.

Instrument capabilities

Segmented flow on the autoanalyser.
Segmented flow on the autoanalyser.

These instruments use peristaltic pumps and different diameter tubing to automatically mix samples and reagents with the correct ratios and timings for the development of a characteristic colour. This coloured solution is measured with a fixed wavelength photometer at the end of each flow cell and is recorded as a spectrum by dedicated computer software.

We use a single channel segmented flow system coupled with a 100 cm Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell (LWCC) to analyse phosphate in the low nano molar concentration range.

Practical considerations

Hundreds of samples can be measured very quickly. For more details please get in touch.


Written by Andy Connelly (10/04/2015)



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