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Autoanalyser AA3


Andrea making adjustments to the AA3.
Andrea making adjustments to the AA3.

Automated sampler which simultaneously measures multiple analytes from liquid samples using colorimetric determination. We have the capability of measuring ammonium (NH4), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3), Total Nitrogen (TON), phosphate (PO4).

What we offer

Segmented flow on the autoanalyser.
Segmented flow on the autoanalyser.

Depending on the analytes measured, we can measure around 200 samples a day in the ┬ÁMol, ppb range. Users can be trained to operate the AA3 independently



Used for measuring water samples such as fresh water and glacial.

These instruments use peristaltic pumps and different diameter tubing to automatically mix samples and reagents with the correct ratios and timings for the development of a characteristic colour. This coloured solution is measured with a fixed wavelength photometer at the end of each flow cell.


Practical advice

12ml of filtered liquid samples is needed.

Equipment specification

Seal Analytical Autoanalyser III

Contact details

Andy Connelly

Fiona Keay


Written by Fiona Keay (11/06/2018)



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