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Rock Mechanics/Engineering Geology and Geotechnical (RMEGG) Laboratories

Engineering Geology MSc. students preparing samples for shear box testing

The RMEGG (Rock Mechanics/Engineering Geology and Geotechnical) laboratories at the University of Leeds are used for a wide range of rock and soil testing activities, collecting, processing, testing and interpreting data related to the geotechnical, mining and petroleum sectors around the world. The laboratories are used for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching research projects and industrial consultancy.

The combined technical experience of the staff and a laboratory complex which has just benefited from a £350,000 refurbishment offers a wide range of laboratory testing and reporting to be undertaken.

Our RMEGG Laboratory is able to carry out soil and rock testing from triaxial and uniaxial testing (under different loading conditions), direct shear tests, Density tests to Slake Durability and permeability tests all to ISRM, CIRIA, EuroCode and other recognised standards.

The range of tests available means we can calculate material properties such as confined and unconfined compressive strength, relative density and water absorption, youngs modulas and poissons ratio, creep parematers. The RMEGG Laboratories are supported by other departmenta laboratory facilities enabling us to compliment tests with thin section analysis, X-ray diffraction, pulse decay permeametry, computerised axial tomography and other advanced techniques to establish the properties and behaviour of rocks and soils.

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