School of Earth and Environment
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PetaByte Environmental Tape Archive and Library (PETAL)


The PETAL service was developed to aid researchers within the School of Earth and Environment in storing the vast quantities of data used and generated whilst performing their research.

Services Offered

The PETAL service is classed as an "active archive", which is a combination of disk and tape. Frequently accessed data is retained on disk for faster retrieval whilst infrequently used data is retrieved from tape. This gives immediate access to much larger volumes of information, than could be stored on the currently available disk space alone. The service can be accessed from Unix/Linux, Windows and Mac.

The service is housed and managed within the School as a Small Research Facility and is currently only available to School of Earth and Environment staff. Access by other deparments within the university may be granted in the future.


SpectraLogic T950 Tape Library

  • Maximum online capacity 2.3PB
  • 200 tape slots
  • 4X IBM LTO-6 tape drives
  • Fibre channel inter-connect
  • Hardware based compression
  • Hardware based AES256 encryption

QStar Archive Manager

  • Access via NFS, CIFS and SAMBA
  • Unix group level access
  • Disk cache for faster retrieval
  • Automated migration between disk and tape
  • Single or multiple copies of data
  • Offline data management

Further Information