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Instrument Workshop

Instrument Workshop


The Instrument Workshop provides extensive Mechanical Engineering support for the School of Earth & Environment / Environment faculty and other faculties. We design, construct and maintain equipment for use in research and teaching.

The Workshop houses a wide range of machine tools and specialised equipment including - precision measuring equipment, lathes, milling machines, surface grinder, saws, radial/pillar drills and M.I.G / T.I.G. welding equipment.

The latest 2D and 3D software (AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks) are used in design and development of engineering projects for use in scientific research.

Services Offered - examples

Raman cold stage

Raman cold stage

Temperature and humidity controlled stage coupled to a Raman microscope for probing phase changes in atmospherically relevant particles.
Manufactured from Aluminium, Stainless Steel, PEEK and PTFE / Teflon. 

Shelved and Cylindrical Bubble Apparatus

Shelved and Cylindrical Bubble Apparatus

Shelved bubble apparatus: For use in testing a reduced complexity model of methane ebullition in peat

Cylindrical bubble apparatus: For use in measuring methane ebullition from peat soil.

4 axis Laser positioning equipment

4 axis Laser positioning equipment

This equipment is used for precisely positioning a Litron laser for experimental purposes on the 12 metre long, hydraulic flume in the Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

Wet Splitter

Wet Splitter

This, clear cast acrylic, wet splitter is used for the precision splitting of micro paleontological samples in liquid suspension.

An improved design, manufactured for the School of Geography.

Deposition Mode ice nucleation Chamber

Deposition Mode ice nucleation Chamber

The 'Deposition Mode ice nucleation Chamber' (DMC) is designed to produce a temperature differential between an ice film and a sample. By accurately determining the temperature of these points the relative humidity at the sample can be calculated.

Designed and manufactured for I.C.A.S.

Resin Sample Holder

Manufactured from aluminium, the design incorporates a Redux wave spring to allow a sample thickness variation.

Designed, developed and manufactured the Electron Optics Facility

Adjustable Slide Holder

This design manufacture in brass and stainless steel allows for a difference in slide length, width and thickness to be supported. Slides from different suppliers can be precisely located on the x, y & z axis.

Designed, developed and manufactured the Electron Optics Facility 

Slide and Sample Holder

Manufactured in brass - this design allows flexibility to view samples more efficiently. Both holders can be removed and precisely re-located.

Manufactured for the Electron Optics Facility 


LIDAR and Radiometer Motion Stabilising Project

Designed and constructed within the Instrument Workshop for the Arctic Cloud Summer Experiment (ACSE)

Radiometer Motion Stabiliser


1.5M Display Flume

Designed and manufactured for the Fluid Dynamics lab'.
5mm width flume for use in teaching and open display.

Tension Infiltrometer

Prototype designed and manufactured for Dr Richard Grayson - Geography.
The tension infiltrometer measures the hydraulic properties of soil. Water held under tension infiltrates into a dry soil through a permeable nylon membrane. After a successful test, two more were subsequently commissioned.

Variable Width Flume

The flume width can be varied from 10mm to 5mm, using a clamping series method.

Microscope parts

Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope components

Manufactured for the Faculty of Biological Sciences. The microscope is used for performing fluorescence microscopy on three-dimensional samples with very low dose irradiation, which can allow deeper imaging in 3D samples and less damage to samples - especially live samples. Initially to be used for imaging nematode worms (C. elegans), plant roots and muscle fibres.

Further Information

  • Antony Windross - Senior Technical Engineer
    Telephone:+44(0)113 34 35229
  • Stephen Burgess - Mechanical Engineering Technician
    Telephone:+44(0)113 34 35229