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Studying Abroad

The School of Earth and Environment at Leeds was the first department in the UK to offer integrated degrees with a study abroad year in North America and we extended the scope of this highly successful programme by offering additional partner institutions in Australasia and Canada.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying in another country is not only an adventure but offers the opportunity to study modules or visit locations that would otherwise be unavailable in the UK. It shows a willingness to adapt to not just another institution, but also another society and develop personal and professional skills, things that employers look favourably upon. For more information, please visit our FAQ section or read some student testimonials.


There are two options to study abroad as an SEE student:

The first is the 4-year integrated masters course that applies to all six of our programmes. These are high demand programmes that require a higher grade requirement to undertake than the non-integrated option and count towards your overall degree classification. You may only study for the integrated option at one of the specified institutions.

The second option is the non-integrated or “pass/fail” study abroad year, which has a broader range of institutions to study at, and a lower grade requirement, but does not count towards your final degree classification.

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