School of Earth and Environment

Meet the Students

On this page you can find out more about our former students:

Undergraduate courses

BSc Geophysical Sciences Fabian Shaanika
Adam Booth
BSc Environmental Science Mark de Jong
James Bone
Liz Metcalfe
BSc Geological Sciences

Richard Tomlinson
Tim Wrighton
Myron Thomas
Hayley Lett
Kenton Cool
Wesley Dixon
Adam Carter

Andy Hitchcock

Richard Taylor

Andrew Jaunzems

MGeol Geological Sciences

Adam Laycock

Lisa Hart
Helen Kinvig
Ruth Fain

MGeophys Geophysical Sciences Emma Doyle

Masters courses

MSc Exploration Geophysics

Dave Tierney
Ross O'Driscoll
Caroline Selwood
Oliver Ward

MSc in Structural Geology and Geophysics

Sian Bright
Phil Jones
Alan Wood

Xavier Moonan

MSc Engineering Geology

Rob Anderson
David Boon
ALi Zidane

Neal Gunn

Camilla Gibbons

Lucy Griffith

MSc Sustainability (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management)
Darren Holman
Dania Sauza
Kanu Priya
James Langstraat
Ed Dunn
Gemma Middleton and Nicola Parker
Falon Attai
Danielle Jackson
Paul Abbott
MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility)

BECR graduate 2008-9

BECR graduate 2008-9

BECR graduate 2009-10

Lorna Eden

Hyun-Sang Jeong

Stephen Nemeth

MRes Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere

Bradley Jemmett-Smith

Anthony Bloom

Alison Fowler

William Thurston

Jason Lowenstein

MSc Sustainability (Environmental Politics & Policy)

Graduate, 2010

Karen McInnes

Saowalak Winyoonuntakul

Mark Usher

Octavio Valezquez

MSc Sustainability (Environment & Development)

Daniel Strosnider

Graduate 2010

Indrajit Bosse

Gloria Namande

Georgina Turner

Jami Dixon

Alice O'Rourke

MSc Sustainability (Ecological Economics)

Colin Poma-Young

Maria Fernanda Contreras

Jonathan Chadwick

Tim Sunderland