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The way the world thinks about transport has changed. We now look for responses beyond 'predict and provide', and take a more holistic and longer-term view about the future of transport and its relationship with the development of sustainable communities. This integrated Masters programme provides insight into this evolving debate and addresses fundamental issues such as 'how can transport contribute to more sustainable development?'

It brings together the Institute for Transport Studies and the Sustainability Research Institute, each with reputations for world leading research. Students benefit from the expertise in both Institutes and are trained in the analysis and development of solutions to local, regional and global problems.

The programme considers the interactions between the economy, society, the environment and governance and examines the design, evaluation and implementation of policies across sectors and spatial scales. Students examine emerging drivers such as climate change policies and corporate governance initiatives and they develop skills to help deliver integrated transport solutions.

Other Courses of Interest

  • MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility)
  • MSc Sustainability (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management)
  • MSc Sustainability (Environment & Development)
  • MSc Ecological Economics
  • MSc Sustainability (Environmental Politics & Policy)
  • MSc Sustainability (Climate Change)
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