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Lorna Eden

MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility) 2006/7

"I am very glad I chose to complete my Masters at Leeds, it has certainly helped to bridge the gap between university and work, as well as making me potentially more employable. Studying at Leeds helped me secure a job afterwards at Scott Wilson"

Hyun-Sang Jeong

MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility) 2009-10

"What I've liked most about the programme is its freshness and critical intelligence. It's full of emerging academic factors about sustainability and filled with analytic, creative differences. More importantly, such factors help me sustainably do my work as Deputy Editor of South Korean daily newspaper. I've reported the CSR implementation of two media companies in the UK and issued a special edition about CSR management since I've come back to my work."

Stephen Nemeth

MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility) 2009-2010

"Leeds provided me access to leading sustainability researchers and provided an interdisciplinary experience that helped me to grasp the full scope of sustainability. Additionally, having course mates from all over the world provided a unique perspective that is difficult to obtain by simply reading a journal article. My MSc prepared me for my current job by giving me awareness of current trends in the field and the tools to be able to discuss sustainability with a wide range of audiences. I now work in New York for '2degrees' a collaboration platform for sustainable professionals, following a short period as an intern in their Oxford office."

MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility) 2008-9

"On coming to India and interacting with people working in the CSR field, I find that a lot of what we learnt in school is quite useful and that the scope for professional CSR experts in India is very good at the current moment."

MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility) 2008-9,

"I came to Leeds as a mature student looking for a new role in the bank in India where I worked. Having worked in the same field for several years, doing this Masters has been a great value addition. I hope that I can add value to the field of CSR by my work and make a difference in the end, whilst also enabling companies to do business in a more inclusive way."

MSc Sustainability (Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility) 2009-10

"[this] programme is able to integrate a broad range of theories and approaches to this complex topic. Moreover being taught by the SRI professionals, whose teaching is informed by a variety of backgrounds, was insightful into the many different perspectives and shades of Sustainability. This interdisciplinary curriculum was essential in providing us students with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and trends facing business today. Another aspect that differentiated this programme was having our core modules held with students from other streams. What an excellent way to have the sustainability professionals of tomorrow already interacting with each other today to truly understand their complementary but sometimes competing agendas."

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