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Sian Bright

MSc in Structural Geology and Geophysics

I am working in Australia as a Structural Consultant for the metals industry. As part of the management team my day to day tasks vary considerably, with a very agreeable mix between field work and office based work. The job involves lots of travelling, to different parts of Australia and around the globe. Some examples of recent work I have been undertaking includes the collection and interpretation of structural data from existing mine sites as well as exploration targets, due diligence of a possible tenement acquisition and giving mining and exploration companies recommendations on future exploration targets using my structural geology knowledge of the relevant region. My MSc in Structural Geology with Geophysics has given me knowledge and skills that I can apply directly to my work on a daily basis, from the interpretation of structural styles to learning about the application of geomechanics in structural geology. This is the industry to move into if you’re a hands-on structural geologist, enjoy spending time in the field and you’re keen to catch some rays!

Alan Wood

MSc in Structural Geology and Geophysics 2009

"I graduated from the Structural Geology with Geophysics MSc at Leeds in 2009. The course was really enjoyable and made me realise what aspects of Geology I am interested in and the direction in which I wanted to take my career, and as a result I’m now studying for a PhD in structural geology at the University. Studying on the MSc course gave me the skills and opportunity to have a petroleum industry placement for my dissertation project, and the contacts I made there have been invaluable both for my current research and for future employment opportunities."

Phil Jones – Statoil, Norway

MSc in Structural Geology and Geophysics 2004

"I graduated from the Leeds MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics in 2004 and since then have worked for Statoil in Norway, and Rock Deformation Research Ltd. in the UK.

The experience I gained from the Masters programme at Leeds has enabled me to work as specialist structural geologist, whilst at the same time giving me solid all-round skills in geology and geophysics. I have worked on projects for the minerals and mining industries (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Pb-Zn exploration and production projects), Oil and Gas exploration, and production and Resource/waste storage (Natural gas and CO2). At present I am involved in planning and drilling exploration wells in the North Sea, utilising my geology and geophysical experience to ensure we are drilling in the best location, collecting the necessary data and ultimately reducing G&G uncertainty to help make robust business decisions.

I have also been fortunate to be able travel the world, working on overseas assignments, attending meetings, conferences and field work, ranging from Platinum mine studies in South Africa, field work in Utah, to presenting my work at conferences all around Europe and America. I currently live in Norway, within easy reach of some amazing scenery and skiing - all thanks to the masters course!."

Xavier Moonan

Xavier Moonan

MSc. Structural Geology with Geophysics 2010

"After working as a Geologist for two years at Petrotrin, I realised that a sound Structural Geology background was crucial to unlocking the hidden exploration plays in Trinidad. I personally found the course material of the MSc. Structural Geology with Geophysics meticulously covered all styles of deformation and their subsequent interaction and relationship with sediment depositional patterns. I especially enjoyed the Spanish Pyrenees field trip, as it served as excellent analogues for much of the deformation styles buried in the subsurface of Trinidad. The programme was flexible, allowing me to use my company’s data for my thesis and as such, I was able to make an original contribution to Petrotrin as software packages such as Midland Valley 2D Move had not been applied to Trinidad data prior to my project. My MSc. thesis was further chosen by AAPG for presentation at their ICE conference in Milan, Italy 2011. The MSc. programme also allowed me to meet and work with persons from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, forging great friendships and contacts dispersed in companies and Phd programmes around the world. I strongly recommend the programme; it’s intensive, sometimes exhausting, but genuinely hardcore!"

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