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Dave Tierney

MSc Exploration Geophysics 2008-09 - now working as a geophysicist with GETECH

"The MSc Exploration Geophysics opened my eyes to the many applications of geophysics throughout a whole range of disciplines. Personally, being primarily interested in potential field geophysics but unsure of the workings of the industry, I was really grateful for the insight which I gained while attending this course. The close links between the University of Leeds and GETECH, a geosciences company specialising in gravity and magnetic studies, ensured the possibility of a positive career development path. A lot of hard work was needed but, with the dedication of the teaching staff and the camaraderie of the students, the rewards at the end were great."

Ross O'Driscoll

MSc Exploration Geophysics 2009-10. Now working as a geophysicist at ION-GXT.

"After my Physics degree I spent four years working abroad as a teacher, but wanted to get back into science. I enjoyed studying geophysics in my undergraduate degree and saw this course as an excellent way to apply my scientific background in an exciting field. I was not disappointed! It was an intense, challenging year which provided me with fantastic opportunities to learn and put in to practice professional level skills. The thorough taught course allowed me to get stuck into my project from day one and talk with external partners with confidence and on a level footing. I now work for a seismic processing contractor and found the Leeds MSc gave me an excellent grounding in the theory and practical application of exploration geophysics on which I am building my career."

Caroline Selwood

MSc Exploration Geophysics 2009-10 - now working for BP

"I decided to focus on geophysics during the final year of my physics degree. I applied to BP who offered to sponsor me through a Masters degree. The MSc Exploration Geophysics course at Leeds was highly recommended to me. I found the course to be an excellent foundation for entering a career in geophysics. For my dissertation I carried out a project in the BP offices, researching methods to improve the determination of 4D time shifts for seismic data. I was offered a job with BP during the MSc and have just started working as a geophysicist. The MSc has been invaluable so far!"

Oliver Ward

MSc Exploration Geophysics 2010-11

"After my Geology degree at Bristol, I was employed for nine months with Exploration Geosciences, an independent oil consultancy based in Kent. Working as a technical assistant, I trained with a wealth of geoscience software, I learnt the importance of accuracy, deadlines, teamwork and good communication, but most importantly, I was exposed to the petroleum industry. Highlights included co-ordinating the 26th Round applications carried out by the company on behalf of various oil companies and showcasing the company at Prospex 2009.

I began to realise that the majority of industry professionals had Masters qualifications. I wished to build on my skills as a Geologist and knew that I enjoyed and excelled in geophysics; I was pointed towards Leeds to study for an MSc in Exploration Geophysics. Before starting the course, I spent five-months of evenings studying maths to get my skills up to scratch; a struggle which I definitely do not regret due to the high intensity workload of the course.

Just before starting at Leeds, CGGVeritas accepted me within the Fast Track department for a 10-week placement. I enjoyed working within a large, multi-cultural company, where I was subjected to new concepts and where I met many ex-Leeds students."

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